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Ultrasonic liquid level switch in extreme conditions

LUPS is an ultrasonic vibrating liquid level warning device. The device protects pumps from dry start, controls overflow, minimum or maximum liquid level with millimeter accuracy in the capacities of industrial facilities of food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and other industries. The multi-point version of the device, in addition to the maximum and minimum, controls a number of predetermined intermediate values of the liquid level, which in some applications replaces an expensive level gauge.

The device is used to detect both the presence and absence of liquid. The operation of the detector is not affected by vibrations, turbulent flows, foam and solids in the working environment. Resistant to changes in density, dielectric constant, electrical conductivity, temperature and pressure.

Interacting with a controlled environment, the sensing element is made of stainless steel and is connected via a steel waveguide to an electronic circuit, all elements of which are outside the working area. Such a constructive solution allows working with a liquid in the temperature range -200 - + 500С and withstanding a pressure of 450 bar.

With the help of a magnet, it is possible to configure the device directly at the facility in the explosive zone: change the delay time of the alarm; switching of the operation mode - upper or lower level; sticking sensitivity selection; accurate calibration of the “dry” and “wet” state of the sensor.

features & benefits

  • Precise and reliable operation over a wide range of temperature and pressure.
  • Stable switching points, independent of product properties. The minimum density of the working fluid is 300 kg/m3.
  • Minimum time and costs during commissioning due to easy installation without a measured medium. Low maintenance.
  • Does not wear out and does not require maintenance.

LUPS-1 is a miniature universal liquid warning device.

  • It is easily mounted in a pipe of small diameter.
  • Minimum immersion length 3 mm.
  • Minimum overall dimensions.

LUPS-8 is a multi-point multi-purpose liquid level warning device.

  • Replaces expensive level gauges.
  • Up to 8 trigger points with millimeter accuracy.
  • Extreme temperature of the working medium is -196 ÷ +500°С


Working Temperature, °С -70 ÷ +150 -196 ÷ +500
Minimum density of the working medium, kg/m3 300 300
Working pressure, bar 450 450
Response accuracy, mm, not more 1 1
Response delay, sec 0,3; 1; 3; 10; 30 0,3; 1; 3; 10; 30
Number of trigger points 1 1 ÷ 8
Output signals
  • current 7/14 мА
  • current 8/16 мА
  • Namur
  • «dry contact»
  • current 4-20 мА
  • Namur
Power supply, DC
  • from 4-20 mA current loop
  • Namur standard
  • 24 V
  • from 4-20 mA current loop
  • Namur standard
Ambient temperature, °С -55 ÷ +60 -55 ÷ +60
Ex marking 0Ex ia IIC T6 Ga X
  • 0Ex ia IIC T6 Ga X
  • 1Ex d IIC T6 Gb X
Degree of protection of the case IP67 IP67
Length hard submersible sensor, mm 3 ÷ 15 200 ÷ 6000
Sensor Material Steel 316L Steel 316L
Mounting Orientation Arbitrary Vertical
Body material Steel 316L Aluminium alloy
Main application Installation in a pipe or tank wall. Dry start protection for pumps. Control of maximum or minimum level of liquid. Monitoring of several hard-set values of the liquid level with millimeter accuracy in the tank.