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Our specialization - R&D

R&D is the basis of a modern innovative product. Competitiveness and margins of a product are directly related to the quality of R&D. As a strategic business function, R&D is generally not outsourced. However, in some situations it is impossible to do without R&D by specialized firms. We offer cooperation in the following situations:

- Work on a new product of its own development department has reached a dead end and threatens with large irreparable losses.

- The life cycle of your products is much longer than the R&D cycle, and it is impractical to maintain your own development department.

- In a direction that opens up prospects, the trading company decides to sell its own product, under its own brand name. We need a full cycle of development and production of a new product.

- To improve the competitiveness of the product, optimization and redesign are necessary.

- The initial stages of product development are more art than functional work. Our own development department was created to develop and support products at a competitive level and does not contain highly qualified specialists.

our skills


  • Patent search for existing solutions.
  • Marketing research of the existing market.
  • Search and analysis of samples of similar devices of competitors and applied technologies.
  • Search for innovative technical solutions to reduce costs and create a competitive product.
  • Constant monitoring of new components and materials.
  • Analysis of advanced applied scientific developments in electronics.
  • Selection, analysis of prices and availability of electronic components and materials.
  • Patent Planning.


  • Creation and approval of technical specifications.
  • Creating circuitry solutions.
  • Design and manufacture of printed circuit board samples.
  • Embedded software development, Application software development.
  • Design interfaces and controls.
  • Graphic design - we get an aesthetic appearance and ergonomics for ease of human use.
  • Industrial design - simplification and cost reduction of production.
  • Structural design - for easier and cheaper assembly.
  • Creating a prototype device.
  • Tests for compliance with the specifications.
  • Development of technical conditions.
  • Production of an automated programming stand and output monitoring of the assembled electronic units.
  • Preparation of a full production cycle.
  • Preparation of control programs for the assembly line SMD installation.
  • Preparation of control programs for CNC machines.
  • We use automated development tools CAM / CAD / CAE.


  • Wholesale purchase and incoming quality control of components and materials.
  • Assembly of electronic components. SMD & THT installation.
  • Production of molds for mass production of cases.
  • Manufacturing tooling to optimize the processing of enclosures and the manufacture of additional structural parts.
  • Pre-production tests for compliance with the declared parameters, reliability, collectability.
  • Making changes (if necessary).
  • Mass production.
  • Release of documentation and packaging.
  • Obtaining the necessary certificates.

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