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Development of IRRL

To expand the scope of application of the basic controller, IRRL 1.0, a number of products are being prepared for release that cover the range of tasks related to the launch and control of a self-regulating heating cable - from domestic use to an integrated multi-level automated heating control system at the factory level.

Regulator IRRL 2.0

  • It is an extended version of the base controller IRRL 1.0.
  • A self-regulating heating cable is connected 2.5 times longer than to IRRL 1.0. The rated power of the connected cable is 5kW.
  • Electronic multipoint temperature regulator. It controls the temperature of: air, cable and pipe using external temperature sensors.
  • Icing controller. Controls humidity and precipitation.
  • Friendly interface. Equipped with graphic display.

IRRL configuration console

  • Quick setup of IRRL 1.0. Used to quickly configure the parameters of the controller IRRL 1.0.
  • Standalone device fits in your hand.
  • Fine-tuning the criteria for the operation of the IRRL 1.0 algorithm.

Communicator IRRL

  • Special adapter for connecting IRRL devices to PC.
  • Pairing with IIoT and SCADA.
  • Remote control of the heating process.
  • Continuous monitoring of information received from the IRRL1.0 controller.

Software SmartIRRL

  • The basis for building a flexible, scalable automated enterprise heating control system (APCS).
  • Operational information on a computer screen. Collection, analysis and visualization of data.
  • One operator controls the heating of the enterprise.
  • Emergency warning.


  • The basis for the assembly of control cabinets for complex multi-section industrial heating systems.
  • The cabinet controls a self-regulating heating cable with a total power of 50 kW. At the same time, 25 basic IRRL 1.0 controllers are connected.
  • Replaces 25 electronic temperature controllers. Receives information from 50 temperature sensors.
  • It functions as an IRRL configuration console. Adjustment of each of the connected IRRL 1.0 devices without power turn off.
  • Functions as an IRRL monitor. Prompt display of information received from each device.
  • Acts as an IRRL communicator. Communication with a computer. Standard MODBUS RTU protocol.
  • Alert. Relay output for alarm.

IRRL monitor

  • Display panel of parameters transmitted by the IRRL 1.0 device.
  • Operational monitoring of the status of individual heating circuits.
  • It is used in cabinets without the use of an IRRL hub.